About Me

I am 35 years old and I have been involved in the lighting of shows since I was 21. I initially started down this road as a favour in my local musical society – Clara Musical Society, but it quickly became a passion. To this day I am still their Lighting Designer and Operator and this year saw my 14th year with them. I have also worked with Tullamore Musical Society for the last 4 years as Lighting Designer and Operator and will be doing so for the next couple of years. I spent a year as the Technical Manager of the Dean Crowe Theatre in Athlone where I gained much of my knowledge and varying experiences. One stand out time there was the All Ireland Drama Finals in which I was on hand for technical support for 9 different drama groups over 9 consecutive days. This led to me joining the acclaimed drama group, The Silken Thomas Players. Over the subsequent 4 years I went on the road with them as their Lighting Designer and Operator over numerous nationwide drama festivals and each year successfully qualifying for the All Ireland Drama Finals.

I am a very passionate and tech savvy designer with my eye always on the latest technologies in the world of lighting. I am a fully qualified Software Engineer so modern technologies have long been a keen interest of mine. Having been a musician for more than half my life, I also have a very high understanding of music. Through this I have a finely honed ability to create rapid lighting cues with flawless timing alongside the accompanying music. I have worked on a few musicals that have no dialogue, but are instead songs from start to finish, e.g. Jesus Christ Superstar and Evita. In these cases I have requested music scores instead of a traditional scripts so I could follow music and lyrics as lighting cues can as often be on a music note as a spoken word.

I have a great understanding of LED lighting, moving heads, smoke machines and hazers. I enjoy the extra challenge of having all of these in a show to make the programming of the show more challenging and satisfying. Placing the operation of some special FX in the control of myself and the lighting desk adds a degree of reassurance that they execute as planned and on time.