Clara Musical Society's 2017 production of Cats by Andrew Lloyd Webber. 

For the production and lighting design of Cats, I had somewhat of a carte blanche. The director was content to allow me to go with my own ideas throughout. As this was the first amateur production of this musical in Ireland, I thoroughly enjoyed its design and operation. I will discuss my lighting design from upstage to downstage to front of house.

As the musical is set at night, I used a star cloth upstage with a moon gobo in a profile to project onto the gauze infant of it. The three sides of this setting are on ramps so I decided to facilitate certain scenes by designing a general wash in zones. I went with a cold colour wash (201), again due to the entire musical being at night. Also as I was using multiple LED lights from on stage and front of house, it meant the LED's could be used to warm the wash at varying degrees meaning I wouldn't always be restricted to a cold colour.

The first general wash zone was the stage right ramp. This was illuminated using three Strand Quartets. Also one Strand Fresnel on the front of house bar was narrowly focused down this ramp. The front of house also had an LED Par Can focused down the ramp.

The next zone was the stage left ramp. This was illuminated exactly the same as the stage right ramp. For the upstage ramp, a wash of six Strand Quartets were used across it along with offstage side lighting from a single LED Par Can each side.

The main floor of the stage was illuminated from onstage and front of house. The onstage setup provided two lighting bars, one at the proscenium arch and the other half stage. Using these I used three Strand Quartets on stage right and stage left for illumination under the ramps as they were constantly used for entrances and exits. For the main floor, 6 onstage Strand Fresnels were used along with eight Strand Fresnels from the front of house bar. There were two more LED Par Cans on the proscenium bar line and four more on the front of house bar. This meant that every area of the stage could be illuminated in a cold wash but also with any possible colour compliments of full coverage provided by the LED Par Cans.

For a couple of times search lights were needed and also car headlights, I used two Stairville MH-X50+ LED Spot Moving Heads on the proscenium bar and two more on the half stage bar. In the set there also was the back end of a car with a functioning boot door and rear lights.

I used two LED Par Cans inside the framework of the car to have the car lights chase through colours in some of the bigger dance numbers.