Mise Eire

Mise Eire is a show I have designed the lighting, sound and visuals for. It is a show that narrates the history of Ireland through music, songs and dance. The show runs bi weekly from May to September in The Black Box Theatre in Galway City. It features a male and female lead vocalist, 4 musicians and 5 Irish dancers. Crowds are already being wowed by this massive production. For this show I designed the lighting and I operate it. I also designed the sound and visuals that are projected on a 24' by 11' screen at the back of the stage. These visuals range from static images, slideshows of images, Irish landscape video footage and drone footage. I designed the lighting and visuals in unison in order to ensure that one compliments the other. Timing is important to me in this show also, whereby having control of the lighting and visuals means I can guarantee perfect synchronization on transitions to ensure beautiful and flawless crossfades. To aid the process, I am using the software program, QLab. This program plays certain visuals at exact times to coincide with music or vocal changes. QLab is also playing a comprehensive click track that is sent into in-ear monitors of all musicians and singers to ensure everything happens in time and on time. I have QLab in sync with the sound desk so I have it programmed to control mutes and unmutes of microphones depending on their usage at that time. All this leaves me operating the "GO" button on the lighting desk and the "GO" button on QLab. Many hours of programming went into this show but it allows me to operate a 3 person job by myself with ease. 

Have a look below at the promotion video and some photos from this fantastic show. Following that will be a brief description of the lighting used in the show....

Mise Eire

For this show, the front of house bar consists of six Source Four Zoom for an entire wash of the stage. These are done in a warm colour (152). In the middle of the front of house bar is one Source Four Profile for a down stage centre special for the vocalists in the show.

The lighting bar along the proscenium line uses one Selecon Fresnel as side lighting at each end. There are also eight Source Four Profiles on this bar for different specials. Three are used for three of the dancers illuminated on chairs at the beginning of a solo dance piece. One illuminates the riser that the accordion/flute player stands on. One illuminated the riser that the harp/fiddle player sits on. Two cross over to illuminate the drummer and drum kit/percussion instruments. The final one illuminates the guitar player in a tight special between the drums and harp/fiddle riser. On the second onstage bar, two more Selecon Fresnels are used for further side lighting.

Back lighting is provided from the back two bars using eighteen Par Cans. Six of these use red gels, six use blue gels and the remaining six use green gels. Further back light is provided by four Stairville MH-X50+ LED Spot Moving Heads. These are used during some dance pieces with rotating gobos moving across the stage floor. They are also used to backlight the solo singers when they stand in the down stage centre special.

Four flat panel LED Pars are used on the floor also to provide additional colour and effect. One is behind the accordion/flute player, one behind the harp/fiddle player and the remaining two are positioned with one each side of the drum kit.