Sweeney Todd

Tullamore Musical Society's 2017 production of Sweeney Todd by Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler. 

Under the direction of Paul Norton, Sweeney Todd was a pleasure to design. The set designed by John Donohue and constructed by All Set Scenery was one of the finest sets I have ever seen. The attention to detail between director and All Set Scenery was excellent providing a palette that was exceptionally easy to design.

As Sweeney Todd is a dark musical, I predominately used a cold wash (201). The set had a high ramp on stage left and stage right with a large platform upstage as Sweeneys parlour. Using Strand Quartets, I illuminated the ramps stage right and stage left individually. I used the same idea for Sweeneys parlour but with the addition of Philips PL1 LED profiles to allow the ability to change the parlour colouring. This was essential for the mood changing throat cutting scenes.

The main floor of the stage was illuminated from the proscenium lighting bar and the front of house lighting bar. On the proscenium bar I used eight Strand Quartets with the cold wash colour (201). From the front of house bar I used six Strand Fresnels, again using the same colour. Also on the front of house bar, I used six LED Par Cans for the ability to colour change and to warm the cold wash if required for any scene.

For some of the different songs and scenes, different specials were needed. I used a combination of Strand Profile narrows and wides. The positions were: downstage left on the stage floor, upstage left on the ramp, upstage centre in Sweeneys parlour, upstage right on the ramp, downstage right on the ramp, mid stage centre and down stage centre.